hardwood flooring in shasta county california

Hardwood Flooring in Shasta County California

You have options for hardwood flooring in Shasta County California, beware the liquidators, apart from formaldehyde issues there are other things to beware.

Hardwood Flooring in Shasta County California

A little background on liquidator stores like Lumber Liquidators.

A well-known issue is Lumber Liquidators sold hardwood flooring in Shasta county up until the middle of last year that violated both California and Federal formaldehyde levels. They plead guilty, paying California $2.5 million and feds much more.

Also this year, they were sentenced for a felony for mislabeling hardwood origins and other violations of the Lacey Act. Total fines were over $13 million. It is the largest fine in the history of the Lacey Act.

And let’s not forget the Better Business Bureau is always upset with phrases like “End of Quarter Flooring Liquidation Sale” or “End of Year Liquidation Sale” as liquidation infers bankruptcy. According to the BBB guidelines: “Emergency or distress sales, including but not limited to bankruptcy, liquidation and going out of business sales, should not be advertised unless the stated or implied reason is a fact, should be limited to a stated period of time, and should offer only such merchandise as is affected by the emergency. “Selling out,” “closing out sale,” and similar terms should not be used unless the concern so advertising is actually going out of business. The unqualified term “liquidation sale” means that the advertiser’s entire business is in the process of actually being liquidated prior to actual closing. Advertisers should conform with the requirements of applicable local, state and federal laws.”

But the Biggest Issue is….

They are not liquidating anything. They sell flooring products as “overruns” or “overstock” when if fact it is made specifically for their stores (and made cheaply).

The biggest consumer complaint isn’t that if you have bought laminate flooring from lumber liquidators you should order a badge that changes color when formaldehyde levels in you indoor air is too high… Or even a class action lawsuit on faulty bamboo flooring….nope.

It’s that the sale prices online are never in the store. That is as old as retail itself.

It’s called bait and switch.

Welcome to the Carpet One Experience – The experts in Hardwood Flooring in Shasta

  • hardwood flooring in Shasta CountyQuality flooring at affordable pricing – We are part of the world’s largest floor buying group, passing savings on to you!
  • Professional installations with a “beautiful” guarantee.
  • Expert advice – Friendly staff
  • Easy to understand flooring warranties in plain English

Did we mention we are flooring experts? Most flooring problems can be traced back to two issues;

  • Cheap flooring
  • Bad installs

And these are the issues at liquidator stores as well as other “non flooring stores” stores like Home Depot that subcontract out the installs, when the install is so very important.

Speaking of which…did the kid at the liquidator store mention any of this to you?

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