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Flooring in Redding CA

F.T. of ReddingCarpet One has the largest selection of flooring in Redding CA. Name brand flooring and professional installation - Guaranteed.

Flooring in Redding CA at F.T. of Redding/Carpet One

Did you know that the big box stores, like Lowes, Costco and Home Depot all contract out the flooring sales, measuring and installation to different companies?

Did you know the Empire Today requires all the salespeople to form their own corporation as independent sales contractors? 

What does this mean to a homeowner looking for flooring in Redding CA? 

Their are two serious drawbacks you can encounter.

flooring in Redding CA - Big Sale!The Great Deal - Really?

  • 50/50/50 Sale
  • Get Three Rooms for the Price of One!
  • Free Installation - Free Padding
  • Buy Two Rooms, Get the Rest of the House Free!

Sound familiar?

Again, with so many 'fingers in the pie' it's not too difficult to figure out that you might end up paying way too much for your new carpet. These four nationally-advertised conglomerates take a hefty chunk of the profit right off the top and then let all the other privately-held companies and independent sales contractors take a swing at making even more money from your purchase. From needless measuring fees to costly carpet and padding upgrades, and from carpet and padding removal/disposal fees to costly installation extras and add-ons, there are plenty of creative ways they will make you cough up considerably more money before it's all said and done. 

Worse, that final bill is handed to you on the day of installation when the installer determines that your job requires extra floor prep, old carpet and padding removal/haul away, upholstery work for stairs, new transitions, additional labor for moving furniture, or any extra labor or materials that can be considered beyond the limited corporate definition of a "basic carpet installation". These extras can easily add up to hundreds of dollars of extra fees and charges that you were never informed about.  

Flooring in Redding CA - Beware installation dayService After the Sale

With so many finger in the pie, if something goes wrong, and plenty can, who takes the blame and who makes things right? If there is a problem, who can fix it? The salesman? The independent contractor? The installers, The store, The manufacturer?

It can get messy very quickly if there is a problem that needs fixed. The most commonly reported problems? Installation. Good luck with that. Good luck actually even getting a phone number or address for the installers.

The F.T. of Redding/Carpet One Experience - How to Buy Flooring in Redding CA

The Carpet One floor buying experience is based on an entirely different sales model.


Since we are national, people tend to look at us as a "franchise" model. Like Subway for instance. That's not the case. We are a collection of Flooring Professionals who have joined the largest global floor buying group of over 1000 flooring stores, contracting directly with the largest Name Brand Manufacturers, to bring you the very best flooring options at the lowest everyday price.

And we handle the installation. 

  • Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Time after time, government agencies, commercial entities and homeowners have learned there is one place to call for Flooring in Redding CA.

F.T. of Redding/Carpet One 


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