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Floor Stores in Redding – Important Questions to Ask

So you’ve decided to upgrade your flooring. There are plenty of floor stores in Redding, but be sure to ask these important questions.

Floor Stores in Redding – Important Questions to Ask

There are plenty of floor stores in Redding and the surrounding area here is Shasta County. Liquidators, home-improvement stores, chain stores, wholesalers, dealers and more.

So you have options. We would like to think you would go where the professional floor experts are. A flooring store. Like F.T. of Redding/Carpet One.

But regardless of where you choose to shop, there are questions you need to ask when visiting floor stores in Redding.

feature pet friendlyIs this product compatible with my lifestyle?

Different types of flooring suit different types of lifestyles. For example, in areas where kids, pets (or kids with pets) will be playing, you most likely need a durable, stain-resistant floor. A flooring professional can help you narrow down floor options based on your lifestyle, and the usage of the area in your home where you are replacing the flooring. If the guy that wandered over from the paint section at the home-improvement store to help you stumbles on this question, you may want to talk to an expert.

What are the warranties and guarantees on the flooring?

It’s important to find out what will be included in your purchase, what will cost extra and what type and length of warranty coverage you will receive. Simply put, buttons pop off of $200 dollar shirts. Manufacturing errors happen. Know your coverage. Ask for a copy in writing, and read it before purchasing.

samples - Floor stores in reddingAre samples available?

Some stores like “liquidation” ones have no samples. the home-improvement stores typically have small size samples and flooring stores can loan out larger samples that will give you a better idea on how the floor will coordinate with your room.

Now we get to the 3 big questions you positively need to ask.

What is the installation process?

The installation in truly the most important factor. It can be said, with a fair degree of certainty, that low quality flooring installed correctly, will look better and perform longer than high quality flooring installed poorly.

So the installation, and who does it, is very important!

Ask how long it will take to have the floor installed, what’s included and not included, what you’ll need to do in preparation for the installation, and whether they’re able to dispose of the old flooring.

Flooring in Redding CA - Beware installation dayIs there an installation warranty?

At some stores we won’t name, if there is a problem after the install, the installers blame the store and the store blames the installers and neither are addressing the problem you see or deal with every day. Bottom line here? Buy from a store that also does the installation. One contact makes life so much easier.

And the most important question…

What are the hidden costs?

question-423604_640Depending on where you purchase your flooring, things like floor padding, delivery, moving furniture and installation can cost extra and some box stores and their contracted installers get very creative. Be sure to ask about possible outside costs associated with buying new floors and factor them into the final price before making a decision. It may help to bring a complete estimate to a specialty flooring store for a full comparison.

Have questions on Carpet? Tile? Hardwood? Laminate? Vinyl? Flooring in general? Come talk to the friendly flooring professionals at F.T. of Redding/Carpet One.

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